Anytime NPC 1: Doran Drake

What’s behind that door?

Anytime NPC is so I make your game easier, need an NPC with a story real quick with hooks and beliefs? These guys are all pretty plug and play; so without further ado.

As you walk into the local garrison you see standing behind a mahogany desk a figure towering above you and the other guards. Standing almost at 7 feet this man seems more myth than reality, scars adorn his face and an entire bear pelt makes up his cloak the head of which hangs off his back. In a deep gravelly voice like a resonant bass note that lingers in the air, he greets your party. “My name is Captain Drake, what is your business in Frostburn.” Behind his muscled frame, you see an iron door with an intricate locking system shining with some pale winter sun.

So that’s the description for Doran, one of the first NPC’s I created, now Doran isn’t all that seems on the surface. A retired arena champion and fighter he used his savageness until one day something awoke in his blood… his birthright. Now some would call it a gift, but most a curse for when Doran truly needed his form would shift in combat from one of a grizzled fighter to a savage wolf.

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