Anytime NPC 1: Doran Drake

What’s behind that door?

Anytime NPC is so I make your game easier, need an NPC with a story real quick with hooks and beliefs? These guys are all pretty plug and play; so without further ado.

As you walk into the local garrison you see standing behind a mahogany desk a figure towering above you and the other guards. Standing almost at 7 feet this man seems more myth than reality, scars adorn his face and an entire bear pelt makes up his cloak the head of which hangs off his back. In a deep gravelly voice like a resonant bass note that lingers in the air, he greets your party. “My name is Captain Drake, what is your business in Frostburn.” Behind his muscled frame, you see an iron door with an intricate locking system shining with some pale winter sun.

So that’s the description for Doran, one of the first NPC’s I created, now Doran isn’t all that seems on the surface. A retired arena champion and fighter he used his savageness until one day something awoke in his blood… his birthright. Now some would call it a gift, but most a curse for when Doran truly needed his form would shift in combat from one of a grizzled fighter to a savage wolf.

The Civil Werewolf

But now Doran is older and has quite a lawful heart and so he sits and keeps watch on this small town and when the moon calls to his blood he chains himself and gets the guard to lock him behind the iron door designed to cage his animalistic form. My PC’s went to see him one day and when they arrived he “Had left on business.” The alleviating head guard informed them. The party curious (and weren’t afraid of the temporary guard as they were Doran) about what was behind the door distracted the ad hoc captain while the rogue started picking the lock. While picking it he began to hear growling and all a sudden a huge impact dented the door in front of him (As Doran had picked up his scent.) He stopped picking and skulked away and they agreed there and then they would find what is behind the door.

Now, 1-week passes and the party arrives this time to see Doran standing behind his desk a little tired and with a careful perception check they noticed rope burns on his wrists. After they questioned him they gained little information (Terrible Sense Motive.) He did say however that one day he might call for their help.

Using Doran

Doran is a lawful, stern and stoic individual who uses his well… bark more than his bite. But when blades need to be drawn he is a force to reckon with. Doran is designed to be inserted into a town and add some flavor to the stereotypical captain of the guard. His biggest function is to add some intrigue and mystery into what might be just another pedestrian stay at a small town. If your players are anything like mine put a door in front of them and their gut instinct is to find out what’s behind it, so the iron door adds a lot of interest to certain players.

“A wise man once told me, a wall is just a door that doesn’t know it yet.”

Now because these NPC’s are plug and play I have made a stat block (CR7) here for use with the pathfinder system.

Doran CR 7

Comment below if you found him helpful or how exactly you used him. My players have begun a quest to cure his lycanthropy so I will see how that goes, and update you accordingly!


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